Evolution in the HR Dynamics and Recruitment Strategies

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Companies are considering reduction in Human Resource (HR) staff by 2.7 percent according to a recent report from Hackett Group. This leaves a corporate recruiter under immense pressure to hire talent-rich candidates which can be a challenge, reports Sean Bisceglia from Human Resource Executive Online.

 With cost cuttings on mind, companies are looking to size down their HR teams. They also have the task of making their hiring process remain unaffected due to these strategic changes. To this end, companies are pinning their hopes on various technology solutions available in the market for talent acquisition such as:

Vendor Management Systems – it provides an automated way of acquiring new talent but have limitations in its efficiency in the form of working with the staffing agencies which are approved within the VMS as well as being inconsiderate of the human value – such as interpersonal skills – in hiring process. 

Aggregators and Social-Media Sites – these platforms have mass reach which attracts greater number of candidates posting their resumes and hence making hard for HRs to cull through.

Data Analytics Solutions – organizations can make use of analytical data to pursue their hiring tasks. Successful hire will be dependent on the data that has been taken as input in developing the analytics. Inappropriate data if considered as an input in building analytics may give an unwanted result which eventuates in waste of time and resource; lack of human interaction for interpersonal skill check is also a concern.

Besides these technology solutions, third-party search firms and recruitment process outsourcing are also available that come to a company’s aid in finding the right talent.