Evolver Releases Version 2.0 of XLerator

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reston, VA— The Legal Services Division of Evolver, Inc. announces newfangled and enhanced characteristics to their XLerator tool that lets its clients to review and produce redacted native excel files in a way that’s more time efficient and cost effective manner. XLerator delivers an innovative solution to the present industry process of redacting excel files in an image format. It is a deceasing process that fails to deliver and draw a picture of the information contained in a form of excel native file, and may not always abide by the production demands among parties.

One of the critical features added to the revamped software is Global Deduplication & Redaction. All excel files are deduplicated on the course of ingestion, and redactions are employed to all duplicate excel files automatically. The volume of review and the risk of discrepant redactions is the result owing to this feature. XLerator employs a Global Search using which users can track and redact the same key word across all excel files expected for review. This feature greatly reduces the amount of time spent manually applying the same textual redactions. The software provides a way to exercise Inverse Redactio. Using this users can now choose to redact "everything except" their highlighted selection. This is yet another time saver for applying redactions.

Powered by MongoDB, users will experience enhanced speed during the entire review process. For instance, 70,000 excels can be ingested, redacted, and exported in a matter of hours as compared to day using conventional methods.

The software provides a modernized approach towards the current industry issues. A Cloud-based application is optimized for the scalability of Amazon Web Services. Evolver can host on their cloud, a client’s cloud, or behind a client’s firewall. XLerator displays a redesigned interface with clean, modern, intuitive look and feel. It comprises of  a built in File Management System that stores all modified files

"I have been in this industry for over twenty years and haven’t seen a tool out there that can provide such significant time and cost savings in managing excels. The expanded feature set in XLerator 2.0 is another example of Evolver continually innovating and enhancing technology that delivers added value to our clients,” says Bruce Markowitz, Vice President, eDiscovery, Evolver.