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Evolving Daily Interactions with AI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 20, 2019

There are hundreds of areas in which companies are currently able to leverage machine learning for transformative impact. Thanks to improved processing, algorithms, and big data, AI has made a lot of rapid progress. Big data can be analyzed using machine learning, and users can be provided with critical insights. The majority of enterprises believe that AI would help promote social causes and make life more fulfilling for people.

From retail to healthcare, several industries use AI solutions that make the performance of their jobs more comfortable for employees. Walmart uses AI to forecast inventory shortages, while pharmaceutical companies use Watson from IBM to identify patients for clinical trials. The growing number of millennial start-ups using technological advances in AI and robotics will begin to delegate these tasks to robots in 2019, from fintechs to online markets.

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As AI transcends the hype and daily headlines and the use of AI-based devices and services increases, people understand about AI importance and its changes. Digital assistants such as chatbots or voicebots and devices such as Alexa will initially be the daily interaction with AI. As interactions and usage increase, consumers will no longer associate AI with autonomous cars that never crash, but rather as tools and predictions for productivity to help their daily tasks and improve life. Practical AI aims to make shopping more enjoyable, better patient care, more accurate disease detection, and more enjoyable learning.

Many non-tech companies are now focusing on solving real-world problems that have shifted their business metrics. After spending the last few years on digitization efforts to get their data in order and to identify opportunities in which AI can reward itself, companies will pursue proven initiatives, learn from the pilot, and then gradually launch for global deployment.

In 2019, more emphasis will be placed on technologies and processes designed to increase the transparency of AI, driven by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar measures are to be implemented in major economies.

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