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Evosus Launched LOU, a New Cloud-Based ERP Software Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2020

Evosus has introduced LOU, a new cloud-based ERP software solution that can help retail or point of sale, field service, and multi-site inventory through a unified software program.

FREMONT, CA: Evosus, a leader in business software development, has launched a new cloud-based ERP software solution. LOU assimilates retail or point of sale, field service, and multi-site inventory in a unified software program. Moreover, it is the only cloud-based business software across retail, service, and inventory. LOU was particularly developed for the pool, hot tub, and hearth industries.

According to Evosus CEO Dan McManus, "LOU's ability to transform how a business operates is remarkable. Every day, we speak with businesses that use five or more apps to run their business, which is really difficult to manage. The key to successfully scaling a business is integration. In other words, your customer data, vendor data and inventory data all need to live in one software program. LOU does this for our clients."

For the Retailers: LOU offers a fast and efficient checkout procedure. It allows specialty retailers to manage customers as they arrive in a considerable number. Every card transaction that is taken by LOU are:

• Digital – It captures customer signatures electronically

• Data-Rich – It permits instant access to customer order history and upsells opportunities

• EMV / chip compliant

• Secure – It encrypts customer data and payment information

For the Service Companies: LOU offers power to the service managers with multi-crew route optimization with the help of Google Maps, while always staying connected with the service personnel in the field. Service features consist of:

• Digital Door Hangers – Summary of services offered, also sent through text or email

• Calendar Scheduling – Daily, weekly, or monthly

• On My Way / Arrived / Departed – Text or email notifications to customers

For the Inventory Managers: LOU offers businesses with 100% visibility to inventory every time. It can be in the store, on the truck, or in a warehouse. Real-time visibility to stock can be a game-changer. Major inventory features include:

• Kits – The capability to develop and customize product bundles

• Real-time visibility to inventory – By individual SKU, which can be On Hand, Reserved, and On Order

• Tracking – The exact location, aisle, and bin where the product is located

Evosus has developed LOU based on 19 years of experience by working with 500 clients across North America.

According to McManus, "The icing on the cake is that there are no more servers for our clients to manage. As a SaaS provider, we've become a true technology partner for our clients. This spans hosting, data management and security."