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EVOTEK Labs Introduces Emerging Tech Focused Offering

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

EVOTEK, a premier enabler of digital business, has established a new offering that enables IT, leaders to identify the new technologies they need to create their future EVOTEK Labs.

FREMONT, CA: IT leaders are frustrated by being forced to solve tomorrow's issues with yesterday's solutions throughout the world. They are trapped in an endless cycle of tactical urgencies with little time to think strategically. Most of them struggle to sort through the barrage of new technologies to search for what works for their unique environment. EVOTEK Labs was established to alleviate this frustration and help the leaders focus on the new technologies they require.

"Given the recent seismic shifts in the IT landscape, it is nearly impossible for leaders to carve time out of running the business to create an informed strategic technical roadmap. EVOTEK Labs can help leaders bypass the hype and cut straight to the technologies and techniques to create their future," says Mark Campbell, EVOTEK's Chief Innovation Officer.

Concentrated on early-stage companies and tomorrow's innovations, EVOTEK Labs offers customers a glimpse into what's happening in Silicon Valley and the world. It spots new solutions to the problems that mainstream offerings can't solve. It helps IT leaders to map out a strategy that combines what they have today with what they'll need tomorrow through Strategic Technology Advisory Services, Emerging Tech Forecasts, and access to the world's most innovative startups.

"Our customers will benefit from the investment made by our research team and engagement in the VC community," says Jeff Klenner, President of EVOTEK. "The work we are doing in EVOTEK Labs, will provide us the insight to make progressive recommendations, for the more progressive customer."

A Unique Approach on Emerging Technologies

 Many organizations are focused on emerging tech but lack a frontline experience of how future technologies can solve today's real problems. With EVOTEK's in-depth advisory and consulting practices in networking, compute, storage, cloud, digital platforms, and cybersecurity, it provides a unique perspective on accurately identifying, evaluating, and deploying emerging technologies. EVOTEK also provides its customers with the advantage of "in-the-chair experience," meaning they give advice based on actual practitioners versus career consultants. "We're in a great position to deliver value to leaders looking to create their future," adds Klenner.