Exabeam's UBA Tool Offers Faster Response to Cyber Threat

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Exabeam based in California is a User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Intelligence company that provides solutions and platforms to enhance enterprise security. The company has recently released its security intelligence tool – Threat Hunting.

Chris Preimesberger of eWeek observes that Threat hunting is a complementary tool that enables security professionals to analyze and query the data to find the user or hacker. The platform has an inbuilt understanding of common user behavior analytic scenarios and processes the collected log data. It uses Stateful User Tracking session data models to complement user behavior analysis. Exabeam Threat Hunter enables security analysts to search and pivot across multiple dimensions of user activity to find sessions that contain unusual behaviors. The Threat Hunting tool provides increased security, reduced possibility of data breach and faster response to cyber attacks.

According to ExabeamCEO Nir Polak, users can detect both insider threats and cyber attacks in real time while simultaneously optimizing their security operations. The platform uncovers Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks using big data science to warn security teams about suspicious user behavior regardless of continuously altering locations and devices.

UBA relies on machine learning to transform events into users that are involved in unauthorized searches and suspicious behavior. Essentially, UBA is about the machine telling the security analyst where to focus.

"Exabeam can search the alert coming, from say, FireEye. In seconds we're going to show them the compete chain of events. We're going to show what was normal, and what was not. Was the inside intruder going to places he normally does not go? Once we have all that information, we can conduct a full response, reducing what takes endless hours, sometimes days, to do," adds Polak.