ExamMed Launches SaaS-Based Virtual Care Platform
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ExamMed Launches SaaS-Based Virtual Care Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, February 23, 2015

DENVER, CO: ExamMed, healthcare technology platform, announces the launch of their SaaS-based virtual care platform that is revolutionizing the way patients and healthcare providers interact by enabling patients to utilize the web to easily manage appointments and consult with their health care provider.

ExamMed’s proprietary cloud-based health care platform enables clinics to provide patient consultations via HIPAA compliant HD video potentially resulting in early diagnosis prior to an escalated medical problem, illness, or chronic condition. It includes flexible and easy-to-use online scheduler reducing patient hassle and provider expense of appointment maintenance. Acceptable by all insurance carriers in applicable states, this healthcare platform includes Smart Coding, a function that simplifies the classification and labeling of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes and ICD codes that determine insurance coverage eligibility for each patient encounter.

“While impressed with ENKI’s network performance and reliability, we selected ENKI to host ExamMed’s virtual care platform primarily due to ENKI’s proven experience supporting HIPAA compliant online applications. We diligently reviewed their network design and support processes and determined that their cloud infrastructure meets or exceeds every aspect of HIPAA’s stringent security requirements," says Faraz Zubairi, Founder of ExamMed.