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Exchange Solutions Delivers ES Loyalty Boost to Turbocharge Existing Loyalty Programs

By CIOReview | Monday, August 6, 2018
Ron Gerace, SVP, Product and Marketing

Ron Gerace, SVP, Product and Marketing

BOSTON — A report by  Loyalty research shows that while a family unit can be a part of the retailer loyalty programs,  member engagement is shallow with just 46% of the member base of a given loyalty program being active. This is a huge missed open door as loyalty members purchase more frequently, have larger containers, and shop across more classifications. Enter ES Loyalty boost, a new product from Exchange Solutions creates more engaged and profitable loyalty customers.

Exchange Solutions created ES Loyalty Boost after mining data from their existing loyal customers to move the engagement and profitability needle for their loyal clients. They wanted to help solve common retail challenges of how to generate incremental revenue and profit, increasing customer purchase frequency, growing average order value, creating new category buyers and shaping demand. The resulting product was a tool for individualized offers that heal many pain points for retailers, all powered by Advanced Analytics, the lifeblood of ES Loyalty Boost.

“Another great thing about ES Loyalty Boost, besides making your loyalty program profitable,” says Ron Gerace, SVP Product, and Marketing, “is that you don’t need to rip out & replace your current loyalty program! Forget the lengthy RFP process; ES Loyalty Boost will turbocharge your existing program.” Retailers, who have made significant loyalty investments and are wary of having to blow up their technology roadmap, can be assured of ES Loyalty Boost’s simple implementation.

“We wanted to simplify and streamline the installation of ES Loyalty Boost knowing how packed retailers technology queues are,” says Gerace. “We’ve heard too many times from retailers how they have lots of data, lots of customer problems to solve and not enough resources to invest, to then get middling results.” Relieving those frustrations and delivering in-market results like 10x acceleration in crucial loyalty behaviors, 40% lift in member spend and profit and 2x return on promo spend vs. business-as-usual promotions, ES Loyalty Boost is indeed a turnkey solution for retailers who want to amp their loyalty results without amping up their loyalty spend.

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