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EXL Enters into an Alliance with Automation Anywhere, Aiming to Boost RPA Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 12, 2016
Vivek Jetley,  SVP, Co-Head, Exl Analytics

Vivek Jetley, SVP, Co-Head, Exl Analytics

NEW YORK, NY: EXL, a company delivering Operations Management and Analytics services announced a strategic alliance with Automation Anywhere, a provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. This partnership is focused on enhancing the Advanced Automation and Robotics suite of solutions provided by EXL.

This is an era where the extensive potential of robotics can be used to increase the efficiency and scalability of EXL’s solution suite in order to digitize the business operations. This is further justified by the fact that the company is investing significantly for the enhancement of automation and robotics capabilities. The highlighting part of the pact is that it will allow EXL to leverage Automation Anywhere’s global enterprise-grade strength and combine it with their industry prowess. This would in turn help in accelerating the value brought to the customers.

The partnership with Automation Anywhere is supposed to add greater transformational capabilities to EXL’s growing suite of advanced, technology-embedded solutions. Automation Anywhere’s platform will complement EXL’s proprietary technology, simplify integrations with clients, foster outcome-based engagement models, and create differentiated, industry-specific solutions.

“EXL is organizationally built up to help companies integrate analytics and business operations,” expounds Vivek Jetley, Senior Vice President, Co-Head, EXL. “Our ability to think of data science not as a horizontal but as a vertical makes us stand above our competitors.”

RPA surfaces in context of business processes as it plays an essential role to automate manual and repetitive tasks. Process efficiency and speed will be improved without changing the underlying IT infrastructure, and incurring near-zero error rates.

The alliance aims at combining Automation Anywhere’s industry-leading RPA platform with the business operations, analytics and industry expertise accumulated at EXL to deliver unmatched value by boosting the speed and accuracy of business processes. Mihir Shukla, CEO, Automation Anywhere proclaims, “We’re very excited to be partnering with EXL as enterprises around the world continue their rapid adoption of this technology.”