Exostar Joins SIGNiX's Independent E-Signature for Faster and Secure Login

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 2, 2015

HERNDON, Va: Exostar, an IT firm offering cloud-based solutions is partnering with SIGNiX, provider of Independent E-Signature to bring SIGNiX’s digital signature solution to Exostar’s life science and healthcare communities. This collaboration helps individuals and members of Exostar’s Life Science Hub to use secure, single sign-on access to SIGNiX for faster and easily sign business related critical documents and forms online.

“Now, individuals in the life sciences and healthcare industries are able to communicate with one another securely, effectively and compliantly. At the same time, performance cannot be compromised by scale” says Jay Jumper, SIGNiX’s CEO.

With simple internet connection, the researchers, patients, investigators are able to track documents with any device resulting in faster accessibility of documents with reduced operating costs. SIGNiX’S Independent E- Signatures follow different technical approach, providing easy and convenient sign and send option for the documents. Additional features include better control over the documents location, along with their own severs rather than the vendor’s.Legal proves are permenantly embedded into the documents which helps users to verify the documents offline.

As the legal evidences are permanently embedded into signed documents, they are virtually available always. Another key advantage is increase in transparency level, users get quick and complete access to the evidence, through audit trail.

“Life science and healthcare organizations are demanding federated access to leading edge solutions, such as SIGNiX’s Independent E-Signature, that enhance their productivity without sacrificing security or compliance” says Daniel Pfeifle Exostar’s vice president of Sales and Marketing.