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Explainable-AI Image Recognition Startup Chosen by US Air Force for Premier Space Industry Event

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2020
Bijan Tadayon, PhD, JD, CEO

Bijan Tadayon, PhD, JD, CEO

Z Advanced Computing, Inc. (ZAC), is a software startup and is selected by the US Air Force as one of the top teams to exhibit at "EngageSpace," the premier event for the space industry.

FREMONT, CA: ZAC is the first to demonstrate Cognition-based Explainable-AI (XAI), where different attributes and details of 3D (three dimensional) objects can be recognized from any view or angle. "With our superior algorithms, complex 3D objects can be recognized from any direction, using only a small number of training samples," says Dr. Saied Tadayon, CTO of ZAC. "You cannot do this with the other techniques, such as Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), even with an extremely large number of training samples. That's basically hitting the limitations of CNNs, which others are using now," added Dr. Bijan Tadayon, CEO of ZAC. "For complex tasks, such as detailed 3D image recognition, you need ZAC Cognitive algorithms. ZAC also requires less CPU/ GPU and electrical power to run, which is great for mobile or edge computing," emphasized Dr. Saied Tadayon. "This is fairly similar to the ways a human brain learns and recognizes," continued Dr. Bijan Tadayon.

This technology allows image searches in numerous applications, like e-commerce, ad network, medical imaging, autonomous vehicles, satellite/ aerial imaging, smart cities, smart homes/ appliances, biometrics, face recognition, video, surveillance, and security.

ZAC intellectual property portfolio consists of over 450 inventions, including 11 issued US patents.

ZAC has a robust team of scientists and developers. The development is headed by Saied Tadayon, a scientist and veteran software developer, who got his Ph.D. from Cornell at age 23. ZAC world-renowned advisors include Prof. David Lee (Nobel Laureate in Physics), Prof. Mory Gharib (Vice Provost of Research for Caltech), Prof. Robert Buhrman (former Sr. Vice Provost of Research for Cornell), and Prof. Mo Jamshidi (UTSA, Founding Dir. of NASA Center for Autonomous Control, and a member of US Army Science Board). The late Prof. Lotfi Zadeh of UC Berkeley ("Father of Fuzzy Logic" and an AI Hall-of-Fame inductee) is also one of ZAC inventors.

AFWERX, which fosters innovation within the US Air Force, introduced Space Challenge to transform and accelerate the space industry.