Exploring Africas Digital Potential
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Exploring Africas Digital Potential

By CIOReview | Friday, September 16, 2022

The potential of the business proposition for digital Africa – better access to and performance of the cloud, digital content, and applications.

FREMONT, CA: Africa has tremendous economic potential and is undoubtedly expanding in terms of Internet access. It is also making significant strides in terms of service availability and quality. In Africa, there are an increasing number of tech unicorns, and startup financing has increased six-fold over the previous five years.

Even though mobile connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa is among the most expensive in the world, 64 percent of Sub-Saharan Africans had smartphones in late 2021. However, fewer of them had access to 4G networks, highlighting the continent's genuine appetite for digital resources and communication, as well as for digital content and cloud-based applications.

Local digital infrastructure providers present a huge opportunity to provide their end users with more dependable, quicker Internet connectivity at a lower cost–whether they are consumers focusing on access to streaming services or businesses needing digital applications to manage their expanding operations. Additionally, it provides an incredibly potential emerging market for global networks looking to expand into new clientele.

As a result, digitization in Africa will proceed more quickly than in other newly developing digital regions. However, this is only the beginning of the narrative; in the years to come, we will witness an expansion of digital infrastructure and service delivery on African land.

Vital interconnection ecosystems are starting to emerge, allowing locally produced and relevant data to stay local. The gravitational pull of interconnections is growing, drawing networks from Europe and other international regions into Africa to meet the continent's growing demand for digital content and services. To do this, however, there is still much work to be done, and Africa urgently needs solutions to speed up the digitalization of the continent.