Exploring In-house Connectivity using Bluetooth

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FREMONT, CA: With technologies such as iBeacon and IoT around, Bluetooth is quietly making its presence felt in the cacophony of revolutionizing technologies such as cloud, Big Data, and SDN. Industry experts converging at the Bluetooth World 2014, U.S. can be expected to explore this energy-efficient short range connectivity in the IOT and other technological innovations.

According to the forecast from the IHS – a global information company – called the HS Technology Connectivity in Consumer, Mobile and IT Market Tracker, suggests that the penetration of Bluetooth in the mobile phones would be at 90 percent that could further grow to 96 percent by 2018. The mobile phones could be expected to serve as the hub for the IoT encompassing Bluetooth-enabled fitness, health, sleep monitors, proximity tags and even toothbrushes.

 Bluetooth connectivity can be expected to have more implementation in LCD TVs rising up to 33 percent by 2018. Mobile pc penetration can rise from 56 percent last year to 75 percent in 2018. Bluetooth adoption in desktop PCs can see a growth from 10 percent in last year to 27 percent in 2018. Bluetooth Smart accessories may also witness increased demand for different applications using in-home hubs in the form of mobile and desktop PCs.

The recent release of Bluetooth 4.1 fuels greater development in this technology as the latest version supports greater co-ordination, better connection and improved data transfer between the devices. The dual functionality of this release means, a single device can act as a Bluetooth Smart peripheral and a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub at the same time. Bluetooth 4.1 enables the application developers to build multifunctional Bluetooth-based devices.

iBeacon is one application which leverages the Bluetooth technology in finding the location of a particular thing. Be it a car parked in an area or an item in a retail store. Businesses are exploring their prospects with this app by sending offers to the customers and other information that customer may find interesting.