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Exploring the Challenges in Mobile Workforce Operations

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 17, 2019

Communication between mobile field technicians and customers has become a significant challenge in providing the best service to customers and has led to companies lagging with a limited set of tools that solve such significant business challenges. There are about 105 million mobile workers in the United States, wherein, less than 10 million are field service technicians. In this regards, there is a requirement of a robust tool that can empower mobile employees to deliver the best customer service in every customer interaction. Traditional field services are not designed for these purposes and are intended only for the workflows that are centered around the complex machinery. Traditional services lack the flexibility that fit the new businesses. However, providing enhanced customer services depends on the ability of the enterprises. It should have an intuitive solution for their mobile workforce to carry out the works in a seamless manner. Keeping this as a center, Skedulo has brought many transformations in the field service industry with its mobile-based employee scheduling platform. This platform simplifies the process of engaging employee for the given job. “We want our client’s employees to open our app with the same level of excitement as they would open apps like Instagram and Twitter,” says Matt Fairhurst, CEO of Skedulo. The employees in the mobile workforce provide the services in the field, often on-site with a customer. Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), a suite of tools like applications, software, networks, and related services—used to schedule, monitor, and track the mobile team performances while delivering the services.

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Skedulo has proudly announced the release of innovative integration capabilities that itigate or completely removes the space between different functions of the businesses and on-site works. It is the first company to explore and address the challenges that are faced by the modern mobile workforce for enterprise firms. Skedulo provides comprehensive capabilities in scheduling, dispatching, and communication for the customers that include EasterSeals Bay Area, USA Football, and Ameican Red Cross. With its new integration capabilities, it offers its native solution for Salesforce. Skedulo’s customers can now connect to other platforms with new integration capabilities such as Keypay, ServiceNow, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. All these platforms are copyright protected.

Skedulo is investing heavily in scheduling and dispatching assignments and reducing the complexity around them in the offices in an automated way and trying to bring the robust communication and collaboration functionalities between the field workers and employees. Skedulo will continue to deliver innovations that can reshape service operations and delivery.