ExteNet Systems Announces Small Cell Distributed Network in San Francisco
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ExteNet Systems Announces Small Cell Distributed Network in San Francisco

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

CHICAGO, IL: Today, personalized communications is becoming the standard, rather than the exception. Keeping up with the trend, ExteNet Systems, supplier of distributed networks enabling outdoor and indoor cellphone connectivity, has announced its fully functional small cell circulated and distributed network in San Francisco for a national cell phone transporter.

ExteNet's distributed network, which is made up of several hundreds of small cell areas and intended for multiple carriers, utilized the city and county of San Francisco's current utility and road lighting infrastructure. The collaboration of the city and neighborhood local utilities, along with ExteNet's limitless involvement in small cell deployments, finished the whole venture in a moderately shorter time contrasted with past experiences and deployments. Furthermore, the establishment of broadband fiber has brought about a more mechanically propelled city.

Measures were taken to guarantee minimum disturbance caused towards San Francisco inhabitants and organizations, while sticking to the aesthetic needs and prerequisites of the city. The system is intended to offer the city assistance with regards to the preparation for the pro football championship game that will deliver progressing connectivity advantages to the entire community for the days to come. Today, the city's communications foundation stands enhanced, the communications services are presently best in class, and the city is profiting from the new revenue system.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with the City and County of San Francisco in bringing an enhanced cellular network to San Francisco for one of the leading national cellular telecommunications carriers,” says Ross Manire, ExteNet Systems President and CEO. “As the City continues to grow and prepare for extensive events, we are proud to help support its advanced connectivity needs. This network will also bring a new revenue stream to the City as well as enhance public safety and security in the area.”

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