Extensive Security Portfolio From Fusion Connect To Help Enterprises Manage IT
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Extensive Security Portfolio From Fusion Connect To Help Enterprises Manage IT

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 3, 2022

New feature in the comprehensive security service will provide extensity security from cyber attacks.

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity is a rising concern for many organizations. Technological innovations have provided businesses with many benefits, but along with this, cyber threats have also increased drastically, challenging enterprises with the difficulty of blocking these attacks from breaching company securities and compromising their valuable information.

One of the leading providers of managed security and collaboration services, Fusion Connect, has added new endpoint management and security service to its comprehensive security offering that helps organizations identify, control and secure devices and applications.

"Heavier workloads, unfilled positions, and security employee burnout are making things especially chaotic in cybersecurity," said Ken Morford, Vice President of Security at Fusion Connect. "With cyberattacks becoming more common, more sophisticated, and more costly, businesses need to quickly fill gaps and stop just simply firefighting. Using artificial intelligence and strategic managed services partners are ways to ensure organizations are protected and can mitigate threats before the attack occurs. And that's what our latest offering addresses."

As a result of this new portfolio, organizations can better understand the overall picture of their security risks and take action to mitigate those risks. With advanced edge security for unified threat management (UTM), remote access VPNs, and device level management, Fusion Connect provides a comprehensive solution to protect against threats and identify unknown vulnerabilities.

Moreover, the new portfolio connects and secures any element in an organization's environment so that organizations can improve their response time to threats. Using a centralized platform, enterprises can effectively improve their IT efficiency and security hygiene by taking swift action by providing a wide range of capabilities that will enhance IT efficiency and security hygiene.

Despite Fusion Connect's enhanced security measures, a significant talent shortage is still prevalent in many parts of the world. According to (ISC)², the size of the cybersecurity workforce is 65% below what it needs to be. In addition to expanding its comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services, Fusion Connect will continue to work with CISOs to equip them with the tools, controls, visibility, and speed they need to thwart cyber threats and maintain security within their organizations and networks.