ExtraHop Offers Streamlined 'Wire Data Analytics Platform'

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: ExtraHop, a provider of real-time wire data analytics for business operations, intiates a union with Relus Technologies, IT solutions provider to offer the customers visibility across all tiers of IT environment from on-premise to the cloud. The alliance streamlines and transforms IT from support center to meaningful intelligence for business operations.

The ExtraHop wire data analytics platform offers two benefits to clients: real-time visibility across the entire application delivery chain and prescriptive guidance to rapidly troubleshoot and optimize systems for peak performance.

Tom Estep, VP, Channel Sales, ExtraHop says, "As a trusted ExtraHop partner, we're working with them to bring these organizations the real-time, correlated visibility they need to maximize the performance, availability, and security of critical workloads and deliver value to the business."

Wire Data is the structured data that is the outcome of parsing wire and transport protocols. All the communication flowing through the network of client and server devices are reconstructed into streams of data. When conversations traversing the wire in data center is learnt, IT and business operations can be made better.

ExtraHop’s prescriptive guidance streamlines operations and provides information to make data-driven decisions resulting in significant cost-savings for organizations such as McKesson, Concur, Alaska Airlines, Lockheed Martin and Steward Health.