eXtremeDB 7.0 Fortifies the IoT Arena
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eXtremeDB 7.0 Fortifies the IoT Arena

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

FEDERAL WAY, WA: Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to be one of the apace technology trends that brings disruptions in distributed intelligence and autonomous operation through real-time analysis of voluminous data. Embedded database technology addresses the challenge of managing such high level real-time data efficiently and securely. A deliverer of data management solutions, McObject recently released eXtremeDB 7.0, an upgrade to its embedded DBMS product suite for the IoT. Explosion in the use of smarter connected devices has increased the use of this high performance, low latency, ACID (Atomicity-Consistency-Isolation-Durability), in-memory, cross-platform IoT enabled database. The new release guarantees improved functionality of devices and server and promises more flexibility in building technology for the developers.   

eXtremeDB supports the fundamental tasks in the embedded software of the field-enabled devices and on servers that work as IoT’s aggregation and control points. Diverse snapshots of its usage have been noted in the fields of electronics and communication, defense and aerospace. The software is at the cutting edge because of its minimal hardware requisite, on-time responsiveness, fault tolerance, zero administration operation and high scalability.

Version 7.0 has appended features like concurrent read access from multiple transaction logging and security technology SSL (Security Socket Layer) that bridges two endpoints in an encrypted fashion. The upgrade also delivers compounded performance on varied client platforms through a significant enhancement to its transaction logging capability and better utilization of multi-core processors. It supports autonomous operation on various IoT devices to reduce downtime and hence allows modification of database schema even while it’s running.

The software assists in controlling the size of the stored data by compelling developers to declare the maximum row count of a table along with its validation time so that an addition of a new row automatically removes an expired one. SQL implementation along with ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) functionality has been ameliorated in this variant. “Improvements in eXtremeDB 7.0 will have broad appeal to developers,” affirms Steve Graves, Co-Founder and CEO, McObject.      

In business, data has no utility unless it is analyzed. McObject concentrates on coalescing Big Data with IoT to leverage hardware resources in a manner that enables upstream applications to turn the ocean of data into information and extract insights from them. 

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