EyeComTec Upgrades Communication Software for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015


FREMONT,CA: EyeComTec, developer of software in healthcare department particularly design software for people suffering from paralysis or significant impaired mobility, announces the upgradation of EyeComTec’s programs such as ECTkeyboard ECTlistener and ECTtracker for alternative and augmentative communication.

The EyeComTec updated software allows the patients suffering from paralysis or immbolities to communicate easily by just a move of finger pressing a button or petal or making any visible or audible action. It is simple and affortable with a life changing experience making a difference for people with such incapabilities.

EyeComTec is availing the disadvantage users to communicate effectively with a single keystrokes through ECTkeyboards. The software provide an option for lenghty text using simple keystrokes on ECTkeyboards. This software is for patients who are unable to move their hands but can control any other muscles like tongue. 

User who can communicate only through their facial expression by blinking an eye or moving their lips can utilize ECTtracker which is a facial expression and eye tracking software. This software based on the state of the eye transmit keyboard message to the receiving ECTkeyboards by simpl blimking of the eye. 

ECTlistener is programmed to function through vocal sound for communication activity. By combining ECTkeyboards and ECTtracker, it enables the patient to communicate complex words or phrases through limited sound. 

The availability of the updated ECTsoftware for people with disabilities made communication more simpler and effective in terms of conveying their message in their career and also with their loved ones.