EyeGuide Launches Affordable Eye Tracking SDK for Developers

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: EyeGuide, an eye tracking technology provider has declared the availability of cost effective mobile eye tracking software development kit (SDK) to enable IT developers build wearable eye tracking app that will work with EyeGuide hardware.

EyeGuide is a product of Grinbath- a designer of eye-controlled technologies, computer software and hardware. Eye tracking is a process to measure motion of an eye through eye trackers, mostly applicable for researches on visual system and psychology.

The EyeGuide Mobile Tracker boasts flexible design that makes eye tracking work for any environment, wireless protocol for live data download and scene camera to offer real-time research for sports training and eye disorder detection. Now platform-independent software, comprising eye tracking SDK will enable developers to determine users need and then perform actionable and implementable coding to develop architecture such as, automated home where users can interact with a computer simply by looking at it.

"Previously, you had to build the hardware yourself, or pay tens of thousands of dollars for it; there was also the problem of platform-specific requirements for developers. I'm pleased that we were able to tackle both those problems at once,” says Dr. Nathan Jahnke, CTO, EyeGuide.

With the help of a few lines of code in the preferred language, users can view eye camera video data, gyro angles and analyze whether pupil center and point-of-gaze coordinate or not. In addition users can perform video recordings and later download them from the unit. They can also execute various maintenance and configuration functions on the EyeGuide hardware, like setting the wireless network name (SSID) and channel, enabling or disabling the cameras and video streams and even running commands in a root shell.