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eZReview: Latest Version Launched by Knovos to make Legal Information Management Simpler

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 6, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Knovos, a company that offers legal information management solutions, launches the latest version of eZReview. eZReview is the flagship eDiscovery solution offered by Knovos, and the recent update has features that provide integrated, single-dashboard solutions to all the users, eliminating the need for separate products and integration solutions. 

eZReview extends itself over the complete lifecycle of litigation and makes it convenient to manage. The features of eZReview enable single sign-on and user-friendly dashboard through which users can carry out multiple functions like processing, assessing cases, viewing documents, managing information, and analyzing data. The updated version requires fewer resources to work and subsequently reduces costs and increases efficiencies. eZReview consists of technology-assisted review (TAR), Continuous Active Learning(CAL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which power the analytic engine to conduct smart studies and investigations. With these technologies in place, eZReview can sort through vast amounts of data files and identify relevant information effortlessly.

The key features of the advanced analytics encompass entity analytics, communication analysis, email domain analysis, fundamental phrase analysis, and duplicate identification. The multidimensional analytics can help enterprises to work our complicated relationships in their data, thereby offering critical insight and improving eDiscovery process. Other capabilities of the platform include efficient classification, protection of personal information, and faster review of essential documents with human intervention.

With an experience spanning 16 years, Knovos is well qualified to offer the best solutions in many areas of legal information management. Knovos has been able to evolve and grow with technological advancements and is now one of the leading firms across the world. Among the many clients that it caters to are law firms, corporations, government agencies, and business houses. The superior quality products and services and innovative platforms have ensured their continuous expansion and client satisfaction.

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