F5 BIG-IP 7200 to Safeguard University of Tsukuba from Cyber Threats

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 18, 2016

FREMONT, CA: F5 networks announced that they are going to strengthen security and firewall capabilities of University of Tsukuba by installing F5 BIG IP 7200v. Powered by the functionalities of F5, the University will be able to scale down the dependency on multiple firewall equipments that requires various administrators to manage. Previously, the University required protective measures that could help them to counter DDoS attacks.

“We are seeing more DoS and DDoS attacks lately. To guard us against them, we’ll need a measure at the application level, such as the one F5 offers,” Akira Sato, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Engineering Academic Computing and Communications Center, Network Group, University of Tsukuba.

F5 started the deployment by installing BIG-IP 7200 onto the network route that manages and monitors the entire outside access in the campus of Tsukuba University. This process converted the multiple firewall operations happening at different stages and different machines at one place and as a single unit. Now after installing BIG-IP 7200, all the outsiders wanting to access the universities systems have to pass through a single pathway. When all the accesses will go through a single pathway then monitoring of outside access becomes an easy task so traffic management system improved with some better traffic control policies. By implementing F5 functionalities, the weak points in the University systems will be improved that will lead to easy detection of threats. Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) displays a functionality of measuring IP addresses and Application Security Manager (ASM) service provided by Web Application Firewall (WAF) by F5 for easier detection and protection of University’s systems from DDoS attacks.

“By taking advantage of the various BIG-IP security features, we have better protection for our network and we have fewer administrators involved,” commented Dr. Sato. “Since the programmable BIG-IP platform has various security features and capabilities, there are opportunities to add functionality and intelligence to raise the level of security even higher.”