F5 Networks Upgrades its Management Framework F5 BIG-IQ

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MILAN, MI: F5 Networks, a provider of application delivery solutions, launches the next version of its F5 BIG-IQ, which is a framework for managing F5 security and application delivery solutions. This update brings deeper collaboration between network operations center and the DevOps team by centrally managing application delivery and employing role based access control (RBAC).

The key features of BIG-IQ include role based central management of application delivery functions across networks to increase agility with software defined coordination of application services; management of application delivery services on cloud defined platforms through third party developers: improved customer experience via workflows and integrations; manage virtual and physical BIG-IP (a product suite related to accelerated data delivery by F5) devices; simplifying firewall policy management and enabling stronger security and reducing risks by removing many administrative touchpoints across multiple devices.

As a part of the technology partnership between Cisco and F5, the BIG-IQ updates will also be available in the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) which is the point of automation and management for application centric infrastructure. BIG-IQ provides easy learning for network engineers new to application services by channelizing virtual platforms in both traditional architectures and Software Defined Networks (SDN) environments.

“A key component of F5 Synthesis architecture, BIG-IQ continues to deliver on our vision for reducing the cost and complexity of managing application delivery services locally and in public and private clouds. As companies continue to invest in hybrid infrastructures to enable more nimble application delivery, we are proud that BIG-IQ is the only solution of its kind to integrate both RBAC and a system for staging and scheduling configuration changes,” says Karl Triebes, EVP of product development and CTO, F5.