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Facebook Messenger Program Integrates with Altocloud to Foster Customer Interaction

By CIOReview | Monday, April 18, 2016

Facebook’s messenger program to enhance business communicationsSAN FRANSISCO, CA: Altocloud, a Digital Customer Engagement Platform, announces integration with Facebook’s messenger program to enhance business communications.  The F8 conference held by facebook launches bots on messenger and the latest API in reaching out to businesses over 900 million users around the globe. Altocloud leverages the new functionality to help customers to interact with their customers via Messenger. The platform also maintains single conversation thread across the entire customer journey including the web, Messenger, SMS and beyond.

Altocloud uses real time analytics for connecting business with the right customers at the right time. Adding Facebook Messenger service support to Altocloud enhances hassle-free customer conversation. Altocloud enhances the customer journey while visiting a website, which is much user-friendly when compared to the current self-serve approach. Facebook Messenger provides a rich user interface to continue the conversation making it immune to the constraints of usual web chats.

Further, Altocloud also facilitates customers to engage in a web chat before completing a purchase. To avoid distraction before completion of the purchase, Facebook Messenger provides an additional facility of “always on” channel to follow up with the customer. The option can also be availed either on user’s website or through Facebook Business page to have a long-lived conversation with the customers in the form of text, images, calls-to-action and rich messaging.

The Facebook Link functionality directs customers back to the advisor. The functionality works on URL to a Messenger conversation that communicates with user’s business just on a click. Messaging with Bots can directly answer customer’s routine enquiries including store opening hours, stock availability and more. For complex enquiries, Bots can attach suggestions to advisors’ responses through Natural Language Processing driven knowledge bases.