Facilitating Oil Production with Subsea Boosting System

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

subsea equipments for generating hydrocarbonFREMONT, CA- Global provider of integrated subsea solutions for oil and gas market, OneSubsea has introduced its subsea boosting system, installed in the deep waters of Gulf of Mexico. The boosting system is set to deliver additional power to subsea equipments for generating hydrocarbon, crude oil from the sea.

OneSubsea’s reservoir recovery solutions optimize the entire production system lifecycle. Installed nearly 7000ft down the sea level, the subsea boosting system is divided into three distinctive parts, along with power distribution and subsea control system. "We strive to help customers with reduced costs while increasing recovery from the reservoir. Our subsea boosting technology enables the customer to optimize oil production from one of the world’s deepest subsea reservoirs," said Mike Garding, president, OneSubsea, Schlumberger.

With a longstanding experience of 25 years in delivering subsea solutions, OneSubsea designs advanced systems to enhance oil production rate from subsea fields. After much successful subsea pump installation in Topacio field near Africa, Columbia E field and Troll gas field in North Sea, the company’s subsea boosting system can improve the oil recovery by 10-30 percent which ultimately results 50-150 million barrels of additional oil.

OneSubsea’s cutting age subsea production system has been installed globally in many different environments—from deep to shallow-water applications with large to small-field architecture. Various OneSubsea subsea solutions are installed in the Gulf of Mexico since 1960, providing over 250 subsea trees for deep and shallow-water environments.