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Factors Persuading Organizations to Shift to Cloud

By CIOReview | Monday, March 19, 2018

In today’s technology-oriented world, the cloud has become the major part of IT strategy. With the promise of greater scalability, improved efficiency, and lower cost, cloud-based technology is alluring businesses of all sizes to invest in a cloud strategy. However, most of the organizations are unsuccessful in adopting cloud, because they fail to comprehend the need for adopting it in the first place. They miss out on key cloud drivers required for a documented strategy.

Highlighting the cloud drivers as part of a cloud strategy is vital as it assists in keeping the cloud journey on track. Identifying and documenting cloud drivers from the inception will assist organizations to align with their vision.

The cloud strategy can be narrowed down to six major drivers for cloud adoption: Three are largely focused on business drivers (business growth, efficiency, and experience) and other three are technology-focused drivers (agility, cost, and assurance).

Business growth: Major benefit for any organization moving to the cloud is increased business growth. According to the survey, 52 percent of the companies that shifted to the cloud have experienced improvements in their business growth.

Efficiency: Nearly 71 percent of the businesses consider efficiency as one of the major cloud drivers. As efficient cloud systems remove unnecessary steps to streamline processes, it helps organizations to enhance productivity and also supports business growth.

Experience: Next on the line is the driver that improves the quality of the customer experience. By designing innovative channels using cloud technology and improving workplace productivity, businesses are able to achieve enhanced customer experience.

Agility: 66 percent of the organizations believe that agility is one of the top technology drivers. With the help of cloud technology businesses can adapt to changes quickly. Additionally, the increased agility can benefit organizations by making it easier to adopt new technology and deliver better customer experience.

Cost: Cost driver impacts organizations in two ways, first the adoption of cloud reduces IT expenses and restructures these expenses by spreading them out over time. While 39 percent of organizations feel that reducing IT expenses is one of the key cloud drivers.

Assurance: Businesses that have benefitted by implementing cloud technologies deem that organizations in highly regulated industries meet all the compliant and data residency requirements.

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