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FADEL Partners with Esko—An Exciting Symbiosis of DRM and DAM

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

FADEL and Esko trumpet partnership and integration of cloud-based DRM and DAM software.

FREMONT, CA: FADEL and Esko announce a partnership and integration of FADELs cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) software, Rights Cloud, and MediaBeacon digital asset management (DAM) solution. Rights Cloud guards against the misuse of digital media and enables professionals to see and track the usage rights and expirations of assets. Marketers leverage MediaBeacon to drive asset creation and seamlessly find and distribute those assets based on the rights exposed through Rights Cloud. Less risk, increased efficiency, and strengthened partnership are just a few benefits of this partnership.

FADEL is an industry pioneer in digital rights management. For the last few years, FADEL software has assisted protect firms from potential liability. By combining MediaBeacon and Rights Cloud, users safeguard the usage of their digital assets based on rights and have a central location to handle and distribute those assets easily. DRM and DAM is a potent combination that brings savings and a positive brand image for firms. This partnership offers these benefits with an improved user experience and streamlined workflow. The companies are delighted that their common direction offers maximum value to users.

In the fast world, where imagery is a vital element of branded products, the likelihood of handling assets associated with rights in a DAM is extremely high. The collaboration with DRM assures users will be compliant with usage rights. This partnership is an exciting symbiosis of DRM and DAM. The companies are excited to take the DAM to the next level to consistently offer the users the best experience possible. MediaBeacon and FADEL are ideal for firms that produce, utilize, and handle a high volume of assets with connected digital rights.