Fagor Automation Brings in New Developments for Fagor 8065 CNC Control System

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of DMS CNC Routers, Fagor Automation disclose its developments and additions on their indigenous CNC control systems.

The Program-Section Editor for Fagor 8065 CNC series developed by Fagor Automation is both innovative and cost effective. It comes with a programming method for developing 3D surface defined by a plane profile and eliminates the need of looking forward to external CAD/CAM applications, using ISO language, when defining plane profiles as well as machining conditions.

Machine grooves, holes, bosses intaper sections or any other operation can be carried out on this Profile-Section Editor, skipping the part involving complex trigonometric calculations. Since the user is saved from an additional step of accessing external CAD/CAM system, as programming on the CNC keyboard is a few minutes affair, they can save significantly on time and a better part finishing is achieved. 

Following which, even manual part finishing step can be over looked by reducing or increasing the pass depth. The user is hence empowered to choose the machine strategy, and save load on machine tool. This enhances the tool life and reduces the cases of tool breakage and part damage.

The Fagor CNC control system comes with a tool table which displays simple and intuitive graphics for the user to set the geometric parameters and also the user life of the tools. The operator is made to choose the shape and size of the tool based on the size of the part and the relevant operation to be carried out, also considering the value of the finishing stock and the cutting depth in roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations.