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Fail-Proof Strategies to Drive Brand Awareness

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 16, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The marketing industry has entered a state of disruption with the fast-changing trends and practices. Smaller brands find it more and more challenging to keep up with their competitors. It has become inevitable for them to explore the modern trends and come up with brilliant strategies to reach their target consumers.

The marketing trends evolve every year, giving rise to more robust and efficient methods of brand building. It has become significant for organizations to build a social presence to remain relevant in the digital world. Modern consumers tend to interact with the brands, and the absence from social media would give them no opportunity to relate to the brand. Lack of interaction would fail to establish trust, which is vital to retain existing customers. It would also result in brands losing potential customers to their competitors.

Brands find few customers willing to place their trust in them. They have no choice but to be transparent and build trust in their customers. Hence, brands need to be authentic when it comes to their public image, making their objectives relatable to the customers. Every service and product needs to resonate with the customer. It is imperative that brands interact with their potential customers, maintaining consistency and authenticity.

Video content can also be incorporated into the marketing strategy to drive brand awareness. A good video can help sell the brand to the target audience and connect with them effectively. A relatable video is bound to be shared by people, which will not only boost brand popularity but will also help in making potential customers. The video content must showcase the objective of the organization and maintain reliability with the audience.

According to a research by Aberdeen Group, video marketers gained 66 percent increase in qualified leads and a 54 percent increase in brand awareness when using video content. Social media is the ideal platform to share video content and gain customers. It can not only cover a broader range of audience but can also help in forming trust through personalized interactions.