Farmers Edge Partners with The Weather Company for Predictive Agriculture Modeling

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Farmers Edge, a provider of independent data management solution in precision agriculture, announces strategic partnership with The Weather Company, a private weather enterprise, to shift agriculture data from farm to field level, enabling growers to make decisions in real-time.

The partnership integrates hyper-local forecasts from Weather’s superior Forecasts on Demand (FoD) weather forecasting engine into its precision solution for a predictive agriculture modeling. The Farmers Edge Precision solution is a field-centric data approach, which combines hardware, integrated software and sophisticated data management solution for all the farm needs. The solution allows growers to easily manage all operations, equipment and weather data. Farmer Edge Precision Solution encompasses five packages namely: Platinum solution, Ultra solution, Nutrient solution, Scouting solution and Smart Solution. These five packages are designed with variable rate technology, soil sampling, field centric weather monitoring, in-filed telematics, data transfer and high-resolution satellite imagery functions. The precision solution allows growers to choose the suitable package that best fits their cropping plan and budget utmost flexibility and convenience.

The Weather Company’s weather forecasting engine is an automated system that produces hourly forecasts for all the most relevant weather variables (e.g., temperature, dew point, wind speed, precipitation, cloud cover, snowfall) at 4-km spatial resolution across the globe. These hourly updates improve short-term forecasting, thereby ensuring that there are no discontinuities in the early forecast periods. Through this integrated solution, Farmer Edge continues to bring more productive and sustainable farming, ultimately increasing crop yields. 

“Through our work with Farmers Edge, we hope to help the agriculture industry leverage precise weather data in order to optimize critical decisions,” says Mark Gildersleeve, President, Business Solutions, The Weather Company, an IBM Business.