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Fashion Industry Prospering Under the Light of Analytics

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

In today’s connected world where information is the new currency, the fashion world has witnessed a tremendous transformation in its operation. Enterprises that dole out apparel, one after the other, and refuses to adopt data-driven business strategy are bound to bite the dust. For one, utilizing analytics and business intelligence provides a competitive edge to organizations alongside helping them to make an informed decision. While the technology evolution is underway, the fashion industry, unlike many others, is not at all complacent. From adopting new opportunities to meeting demands of the current breed of informed and savvy customers, organizations are actively delving into the tech world.

When we talk about fashion and apparels, trends seem to be the inherently inescapable word or terminology. Therefore it is essential to analyze the fashion trends to forecast what the future holds. In such a scenario predictive analysis with its innate ability to decipher the science behind trends can prove to be a perfect ally. Trend forecasting, which is in direct conformity with sales, allows organizations to gear up for a certain style and hence improve their revenue. Asides, as BI and analytics progress, fashion companies will be equipped with thorough information, allowing them to make better decisions about garment production.

Whether fashion and apparel enterprises utilize BI and analytics to forecast or optimize the current trends, the truth is that data and intelligence will be a part and parcel of the industry. In order to seal the top bunk, fashion companies need up their technology game and decide which one befits their business and consumer needs. Analytics is the must-have tool for not just fashion industry, but for every business to improve their efficiency and thwart the cutthroat competition.