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Fastron: Faster and Smoother Collision Detection Algorithm

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Throughout the history, various philosophies and societies have their own understanding of robotics. Japanese have their early foothold on automated robots known as ‘Karakuri’ used for tea serving. Similarly, even the great Leonardo da Vinci mentioned about robotics in one of his writings. With the invention of the computer, the entire endeavor of robotics has transformed which gave them a new meaning. For prominent and high-speed operations, it is important to consider the effects of non linear dynamics on robot performance. Only then would they be competent enough to do human-like tasks. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence can manifest as the mind of a robot and enable it to make decisions with the help of sensor programmed with algorithms.

Computer and electrical engineering professor Michael Yip and his team at the University of San Diego have developed new algorithms to improve performance robots that will increase their enhancement abilities and are more compatible than the previous ones. A program known as “Fastron” which is eight times faster than the prevailing algorithms of collision detection will be widely used in robots wherein they can communicate with people more smoothly. The algorithm will see its ideal use in the field of medical science where robot-assisted surgeries make use of the Da Vinci Surgical system in order to do assistive tasks without intervening surgeons. The team have initiated the program in order to reduce the burden of computation with a minimalistic approach towards collision detection. The program is in process and the team is further working on to improve efficiency. 

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