FICO Empowers Sales as it Deploys Red Hat's Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, November 2, 2015

RALEIGH, NC: FICO ventures in to the world of SaaS with the help of Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform - CloudForms and Ceph Storage. Successful deployments of this solution have brought down the time-to-market by 50 percent and costs incurred by another 30 percent.

FICO, a strong player in the analytics field have been around for 5 decades now. Their flagship solution, FICO Analytic Cloud contributes analytics and decision management tools for customer engagement specifically on social and mobile sectors, marketing campaign development, account management and credit decisions. In addition to SaaS, now the solution also poses as PaaS, opening up the ‘Decision Management Platform’ for customers to build, customize and deploy applications.

Typical requirement for FICO demanded running of more than 10000 containers across data centers leading to the deployment of Red Hat CloudForms. CloudForms qualifies self-service provisioning and resource management on internal as well as external infrastructure platforms over private and public clouds. Similarly, Red Hat Ceph Storage supports shared storage for data volumes scalable up to peta bytes. Deploying Ceph storage, made FICO able to save 60 percent of costs over its previous storage solution.

Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise eased the analytic application building process and executes them on its hybrid cloud architecture with the help of FICO Decision Management Platform. FICO chose Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack Linux Platform, after a thorough examination for its easy-to-implement feature. FICO also scrutinized the various OpenStack offerings and finally concluded with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus Series Switches for easy implementation.