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Fideliquest Seeks to Change the Gaming Audioscape for the Better with FireWav

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Fideliquest, Inc is all set to change the gaming landscape for the better.

FREMONT, CA: Gamers worldwide escape daily into the worlds created by gaming software companies. Realism is a prime factor for the gaming participants as they invest themselves in competition. Considering the rise in popularity, a Minnesota company is positioned to change the way gamers will hear and experience their games.

Enter FireWav is an audio processing software that will give PC gamers a profoundly better listening experience. The product was the brain-child of recording industry veterans and the founders of FideliquestInc, Jayson Tomlin and Jeff Wilson. Their creation of FireWav software provides real-time processing that will develop hyper audio clarity, helping the player to decipher every sound and cue that the game provides.

The one-of-a-kind software centers a gamer into the action with the sounds surrounding them, not sounds that are pushed at them. "The hyper audio clarity let's players hear every sound in the game as it was intended and makes communication between teammates more defined," states Jayson Tomlin, one of the company founders. "Gamers look for every detail to play better and hearing more brings the microsecond advantages required to help them win."

Regardless of the skill level, each player will get immersed in their game even more because of this technology. "When players install FireWav, we feel the gaming experience will be changed dramatically, opening up gamers to a whole new world of sound," said Ed McConaghay, CEO of Fideliquest.

Fideliquest, Inc. is an audio enhancement algorithm and software development company. The company's first two products are FiDef and FireWav, created by the founding partners Jayson Tomlin and Jeff Wilson. By replacing the essential audio triggers lost during the digital audio production process, FireWav and FiDef bring back the warmth, dimension, and soundstage. Both the algorithmic processing software helps activate the human brain, resulting in an unprecedented listening experience, leading to a more engaging, emotional, and accurate listening experience.