Fiksu Launches New Platform to Help Enterprises Reach Audiences

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BOSTON, MA: To help enterprises and extend its market, Fiksu, a data-fueled mobile marketing technology company, has launched Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform.

Designed to categorize and connect specific audiences throughout the customer journey, it combines a massive, proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools allowing advertisers to create and reach valuable target audiences across the mobile ecosystem. It collects information from multiple sources to one place, including its own collection of mobile-native data; clients’ first-party data about existing customers and prospects; and third party data from a number of providers. With the data collected at one source point, the platform refreshes time- to- time and turns out segmentation suggestions to provide more actionable and valuable audiences.

Fiksu Mobile Platform is built on a foundation of channel-independent data, which comes from real user behaviors on over 2.6 Bn mobile devices across the globe and provides the core of the platform, called Fiksu Mobile Personas- a collection of 250 unique advertising personas with similar mobile behavior patterns. These personas encompasses commonly sought after groups of consumers including Millennials, frequent mobile shoppers, travelers and mobile casino players.

Uniquely accessible to both the advertising and measurement APIs on Facebook and Twitter, along with programmatic access to Google, Yahoo and RTB exchanges,  it helps in reducing costs by targeting consumers on the most cost-effective channels first, maximizing volume over the long run. It features actionable data, programmatic reach and optimized system.

“Mobile should be at the center of how all brands engage with their customers. Advertisers realize that mobile data allows a deeper, more scalable type of tailored messaging than has ever been possible. A solution like our mobile audience platform allows them to elevate their marketing strategy and address the entire customer journey,” says Micah Adler, CEO, President and Founder of Fiksu.