Financial Planning and Analysis App Tidemark Excel supports MS office and Office 365

By CIOReview | Friday, June 5, 2015

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Tidemark a new Cloud business planner and enterprise performance management software designer is deploying Tidemark Excel App which will run on MS Office 2013 and Office 365 for financial planning, analysis and connect cloud based performance management.

Tidemark Excel App will help Financial Planning and Analysis professionals to easily copy data in Office and Office 365 spreadsheet while supporting data control, scalability and improved security without charging extra money. Also they can attain additional benefits from Tidemark like collaborations, mobile delivery and visualization.

 The virtualized era of financial planning gave birth to “modern financial modeler” who can remove catastrophe occurred due to gap in financial operations and strategic finance. Compilation of ad-hoc spreadsheet analysis and financial analysis will optimize FP&A tools to offer timely models.

It delivers multi benefits like enhanced productivity through ad-hoc counting in excel spreadsheets; aligned spreadsheets in repeatable planning process within their EPM platform and reflect the analytical knowledge hidden in spreadsheets in numerous desktops. It will also offer maintenance of data integrity as well as unlocks restriction on the amount of data in a unit-arena and add ability to visualize models as business narrative through storylines. Organizations like Blackberry, Netflex and Brown University take help from Tidemark in their crucial decision making, reducing risk and business performance enhancement.

Tidemark clients Acxiom Vice President of FP&P, Chris Garbner states that by rationalizing ancient and time taking practice of exporting and uploading spreadsheet data Tidemark platform has hiked their investments.