Find Out the Ways to Improve DevOps Visibility
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Find Out the Ways to Improve DevOps Visibility

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 2, 2019

The fundamental and underlying goal of

DevOps is to generate an environment in which both the development team and operations team should be able to work on a collaborative and transparent environment which results in incredible speed and responsiveness.

However, DevOps is a promising methodology for many organizations to enhance the speed of operations but achieving DevOps visibility is not always simple. At some instances, visibility into critical operational data can easily lead to simple misconceptions during a high amount of project turn over. Further, it may generate the reports with old data, complex to analyze. When this outdated data is used in decision making, undoubtedly organization can lose productivity and quality.

Recent researches on DevOps visibility report have generated the following insights to enhance operational visibility and efficiency with real-time DevOps data visualization.

Avoid creating static reports in spreadsheets

While effective data analysis has become essential in all types of industries, it's better to avoid the usage of spreadsheets which are not the perfect medium for visibility report and may outdate the static data.

Develop information in an understandable format

Most of the times, various enterprises identified oversights in the way of reporting data that multiple team members can't comprehend. These reports may create a degradation of data at different levels of an organization with varying degrees of technical knowledge. Most successful organizations often focused on visualizing data in an easy-to-understand way.

Adopt automated solution in decision making

Using a fully automated solution may allow an organization's team to prioritize deadline-driven work. Further, this automation can do decision making based on real-time information.

Deploying better DevOps practices allows organizations to deliver improved productivity and also to capture more significant market share through which they can sustain increased profitability. Therefore, it is the right choice to adopt an automated real-time DevOps visibility solution to focus on critical operations.

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