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Finding the Ideal Talents for Developing Company Culture

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 19, 2018

One of the first requirements to ensure a company's longevity and strength is employee satisfaction and the ability to attract and retain superb talent. Applicants usually take the overall onboarding experience as a strong indicator of how the company holds its people's worth. This has recently caused the power to shift from the companies to candidates’ hands. Unlike in the past, companies have started to compete for applicants who now have multiple job offers laid on the table. Hence, good impressions go a long way when trying to attract the right talent.

More than a paycheck, employees are looking to create a difference. They are motivated by factors other than a salary, such as mission, company size, and reputation. Company values and transparency have skyrocketed to the top of the list of requirements for potential candidates, especially for the young millennial generation. Owing to the increased transparency within an organizational culture that the proliferation of technology and social media have caused, workers are inclined toward discussing their lives while working in a company. This has caused companies to be clear about their vision, which in turn, attracts the right professionals. It has become the most ideal way for a company to redefine its culture in order to listen to its employees. Today's organizations not only need to understand and provide the proper motivation, treatment, and rewards, but at the same time, be communicative, transparent, and authentic. For every company, the culture and brand will differ. The most important key is in finding the exact combination of talents that are already aligned with the company's values and mission instead of training the new hires after recruitment. It is now important to consider the cultural and behavioral aspects of the recruiting company and the traits demonstrated by its best employees.

An experienced recruiter will be easily able to identify a candidate's cultural fit within the first few minutes through eye contact, enthusiasm, chemistry, and general preparedness. One has to look for talented, kind, and passionate people that are genuinely interested to be a part of the brand. In addition, these traits are required to be seen in the hires that companies strive to emulate in their work culture.

The hiring process does not stop at onboarding the candidates. As the employees grow with the organization, they can be the strongest brand advocates to attract and retain potential talents and act as a gift that keeps on giving.

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