FinTech is the New Imperative that Lending Companies Need to Embrace
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FinTech is the New Imperative that Lending Companies Need to Embrace

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 7, 2017

In today’s fast-paced life, where customers are short of patience and starved of time, an old-school retail lending organization doesn’t really make a compelling survival case. In the last couple of years, however, retail lending has witnessed a sudden surge in interest. Well, the reasons are a no-brainer; it is the optimization of financial technology that has worked as a catalyst and led to welcome changes in the landscape. Technology has enabled banks to get rid of sluggish loan management process, curbing the costs and delay predicament that has impeded the growth of many retail lending processes.

Technology not only addresses data integrity and sales volume impediments but also assists in making credit decisions and payment follow-ups. It also eradicates inefficiencies that stems out of manual processes, paper burdens, and over-reliance on legacy systems. With the smart implementation of technology, crucial areas such as compliance adherence, credit analysis, document management, and audits can be managed effectively. This also helps to device impactful and quick solutions to concerns like fragmentation of systems, repetition of checks, complex reporting structures, performance tracking and control. Along with that technology has made significant breakthroughs to address the disoriented loan-underwriting systems, processing intricacies, and monitoring delays. In addition, the powerful big data and AI technology can be dovetailed to formulate better risk assessment and loan management platforms.

The current era has made technology available to every customer and they are in constant exposure to newer trends that are disrupting the market. In this high-octane battleground, lending organizations would be deemed unworthy if they sit back in complacency. FinTech is the new imperative that every lending organization needs to embrace. And model their companies in a way that meets the burgeoning consumer demands by cashing in on newer technology trends, which in turn bolsters FinTech efficiency.