'Firewall That Can Think' Launched By Aorato
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'Firewall That Can Think' Launched By Aorato

By CIOReview | Monday, February 10, 2014

Fremont, CA: No IT company is free from data breach ever since they came into existence. Data violation can be internal or external and it’s even more alarming if it’s an internal one. Just when you thought your new idea would earn you accolades and the next day you see it in the market place, it could get disappointing. To realize that it was an idea stolen from your very own computer is far more aggravating! People who have experienced this have now got something to cheer!

Aorato, an Israeli startup has developed a firewall that can think. This firewall is context aware and behavior based decision maker. Previously, firewalls that were sitting at the periphery looking for data that goes in and out of the enterprise had little idea about the murky activities that transpire in the form of data theft and illegal access of accounts. Post Snowden effect, it’s needless to mention the scale at which the insider attack can affect an organization. So, data security is a humongous issue!

The product developed by Aorato basically checks any anomaly for the Active Directory that looks after Login procedures, policy assigning, software deployment and data storage.

This Directory services Application firewall learns and predicts entity (user or device) behavior and by profiling threats. In this firewall, the focus is laid upon the network traffic between Active Directory servers and the active network entities. The observed relationships between servers and entities, termed as security models are created and every time the server and entity interact, the behavior of the entity is compared with the security model. In case of anomalies such as security policy variations that include – simple passwords, protocol violations, repeated login and logouts, coming alive of deleted or disable users, in the interaction, the IT administrators are alerted. Pattern detection is also created to assist in analyzing the threat.

This product could be of paramount importance looking at current technological advancements. Active Directory holds the meat of the business and having a state-of-the-art thinking firewall is an arsenal that every IT company would like to have.

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