First In-memory Computing Platform to Support Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments
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First In-memory Computing Platform to Support Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

With version 15.5, GigaSpaces delivers its aim to simplify deployments and management across environments like hybrid and multi-cloud with smart monitoring and scaling.

FREMONT, CA: GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, the fastest in-memory data and analytics processing platform, releases GigaSpaces InsightEdge version 15.5 to simplify and accelerate hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to power digital transformation initiatives. GigaSpaces version 15.5 adds new capability and automation facilities to its Ops Manager module for seamless monitoring, management, and automatic provisioning of resources across all environments. This makes sure that maximum performance and availability at the optimal cost. The platform also offers seamless testing and implementation of microservices without any management overhead or service disruption.

With version 15.5, GigaSpaces is the only in-memory computing solution provider that lets the creation of a hybrid cluster that can be used for both on-premise and in a public cloud, avoiding the need for data replication between clusters.

GigaSpaces version 15.5 focuses on realizing the value of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. The latest version presents new automated provisioning across cloud, on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Depending on the applications deployed, customers can choose to scale up for transactions and simply manage the resources needed, either automatically or with a single click. This process is automatic, with no service disruption. 

It also focuses on perfecting microservices. With single-click microservices installation and schema evolution support, customers can easily launch new microservices into production, with no downtime. The systems' performance and health are regularly monitored to ensure that no challenges occur, resulting in optimal customer experience.

Additional no-code one-click connectors are available for on-premise and cloud RDBMS. This automates the data collection process by finding the data structure and the tables with their properties, and the indexes, avoiding human errors associated with manual mapping. It reduces integration efforts from weeks to virtually a single click.

GigaSpaces offers the fastest in-memory computing platforms for real-time insight to action and transactional processing.

With GigaSpaces, organizations can operationalize machine learning and transactional processing to get real-time insights on their data and act upon them instantaneously.