First SQX Range of Products Launched by Datapath

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: A renowned entity in the field of Graphics Display Technology, Datapath launched its pioneering SQX range of IP streaming and compression technologies comprising of two decoders and a software application. Datapath’s SQX range of products open up a range of possibilities for video delivery, transmission and storage. Two of the products are ActiveSQX and SoftSQX. ActiveSQX is a scalable PCIe card designed to decode multiple streaming videos using an integral processor. The latter SoftSQX is a CPU decoding engine designed for systems that may require the management of a small number of compressed IP streams. Another offering Wall control SQX is a compatible software application for controlling vision capture, IP camera and third party application windows on Datapath video wall controller systems.

Datapath's range of SQX technologies gives customers the power to handle video to meet the needs of the Professional AV market. “In today's world it's imperative that video can be handled in many different ways: the transportation of video from one location to another has become critical in delivering the services required for professional AV projects. From real time remote access of surveillance cameras and the distribution of AV content, to the recording and storing of video for later retrieval, the market demands technologies that meet these requirements,” the company stated in a release.

Datapath’s new ActiveSQX can work simultaneously with other ActiveSQX cards installed in the same system to manage and control the entire CCTV systems or connect to online media libraries, streaming and decoding video for accelerated wall display. The second introduction, SoftSQX, uses the advanced capabilities of the latest system CPUs to decode within the Datapath SQX framework even when no accelerated hardware resources are available. The third introduction Wall Control SQX software is an interface that provides users vision to input capture channels, configured IP camera sources and applications.

From real time remote access of surveillance cameras to the distribution of video content and recording and storing of data for later retrieval, the needs of the markets demand technologies that meet these requirements and Datapath is providing these technologies for the future.