FirstBest Announces Product Suite 7.0 for Property & Casualty Insurers

By CIOReview | Friday, June 19, 2015

BEDFORD, MA: FirstBest, a provider of underwriting technology, releases FirstBest Suite 7.0 for property and casualty insurance. The suite features enhanced functionality that enables insurers to collaborate better with producers.

The FirstBest Suite 7.0 is powered by customer feedbacks to deliver improved features and functionality, efficiency and accurate price risks. It also provides enhanced data analytics, leading workflow capabilities and advanced collaboration tools. With FirstBest Suite, insurers can overcome inefficient manual processes, make faster and better decisions, and avoid blind spots while evaluating risk exposures.

The FirstBest Suite includes the following applications: FirstBest UMS; FirstBest Agent; FirstBest AppReader; FirstBest UMS Mobile; FirstBest Business Analyst Studio; and FirstBest Insight.

FirstBest UMS is a configurable underwriting workstation that remains separate and distinct from policy administration systems making underwriting faster, consistent, and accurate. FirstBest Agent is a transactional agent portal that enables intuitive collaboration between agents and underwriters. FirstBest AppReader is an agency connectivity application that enables data uploads for agents and underwriters. It converts multi-line ACORD forms from emails or browsers to ACORD XML for instant upload into underwriting system.

The other tools in the suite include: FirstBest Business Analyst Studio, a tool for business analysts to modify key elements of the Underwriting Management System without complicated programming. ‘FirstBest UMS Mobile’ is a mobile application that delivers UMS functions to underwriters using Apple iPads in the field. FirstBest Insight is the latest addition to the FirstBest Suite and it’s a data analytics solution that provides actionable perspectives such as pricing, workflow efficiency and policy detail.

FirstBest Suite 7.0 also comprises integration of FirstBest UMS with Microsoft Outlook allowing underwriter users to import e-mail messages and attachments directly from their Outlook inbox to underwriting Workstation. Users can view all sent and received e-mails for the submission, and they can create and send new e-mail messages directly from UMS.

FirstBest Integration Services (FIS) support custom integration with carrier systems. Through FIS, FirstBest UMS generates XML messages for key underwriting tasks and automatically update the relevant forms and fields with data that is returned from the carrier systems. The Suite also supports credit reports such as Experian Credit Profile Report.

“With these new features, FirstBest UMS makes huge advances in helping underwriters collect the information they need from within their UMS submissions,” says Paul Cummings, VP, Engineering, FirstBest. “The ability to access relevant documents, pictures, notes, and conversations — all as part of the underwriting workflow, within a single underwriting environment — vastly improves efficiency, collaboration, and turnaround time for FirstBest customers and their producers. Moreover, FirstBest Insight lets underwriters perform superior risk evaluations based on all the data collected during the underwriting process.”