Fitbit's New Windows 10 App with Enhanced Features is Designed to Motivate Health Fitness

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Fitbit, a provider of connected health and fitness, announces launch of its new Windows 10 app. The app is aimed at delivering a more engaging and fluid app design enabling users to personalize their interactions with key pieces of their health and fitness. While also keeping track of their journey across all their Windows devices.

Through the new Windows 10 app features, Fitbit looks to cater to people at all fitness levels. Users can now more easily access and log their most important personalized data in real-time. Fitbit’s new app helps users keep a track of their steps, activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep, whilst providing them with all the information they need to more successful in reaching their goals.

"For a Fitbit user, health and fitness progress helps them make timely decisions throughout the day – from what to order for lunch, to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or what time to go to bed," said James Park, CEO and Chairman, Fitbit.

The salient features of the app are

Updated live tiles: provides users with more information and new notifications, enabling user’s quick access to their most critical data to better empower them to reach their individual health and fitness goals.

Quick actions: helps users log and track their health and fitness activities, such as food, water intake and exercise. This feature also has the option to set alarms more efficiently at the click of a button, aimed to encourage more frequent logging by users.

Cortana support: enables users to easily keep track, by simply speaking commands on Windows 10 tablets, PCs and mobile phones – such as "Fitbit, I ate chicken for dinner" or "Fitbit, I went for a three-mile run" – for automatic and easy food and activity logging.

Notification center: consolidates all important notifications and messages in a dedicated tab. This makes the user experience easy and effortless to review their progress, stay motivated with messages of cheers, taunts and encouragement from friends and family.

Enhanced syncing with Bluetooth: This feature has been added on all Windows 10 devices with supported hardware provides users with quick access to their health and fitness stats, so they can make timely decisions to reach their objectives.

Universal design and continuum support: gives users the ability to personalize and view their most important personalized data effortlessly in real-time, with a visual experience adjusted to the Windows 10 device they are operating on.

The new Windows 10 app is available for users to download from the Windows Store to their desktop and tablet. Fitbit will soon be making the app available for Windows 10 mobile and Xbox One too.