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Five Industries Benefiting from Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Industries like small businesses, education sector, insurance, healthcare, and travel have witnessed significant growth after deploying data analytics in their operational activities. With the advent of technology, these businesses today are successfully performing their big data undertakings. The underpinnings of predictive data analytics are based on the latest data trends and have eventually taken industries to greater heights. There are several ways to employ data analytics resources for every industry which can drive their growth forward.

With the cost-effective and cloud-based services offered by the tech giants, small businesses can reap the benefits of the latest data analysis technologies. The education sector has identified the advantages of e-learning activities or online learning which has led to the increase in the number of online students globally. The industry utilizes time-based analytics, individual assessments, and discussion trends to analyze the performance of students which helps in their further improvement. The emergence of technology has boosted the growth of insurance industry like never before. Big data analytics has enabled insurers to acquire more customers and reach the agents easily. When it comes to the travel industry, data analytics has improved the convenience and cost structure related issues of the industry. Also, data analytics is also employed by health professionals to take preventive measures and provide top-notch services to the patients as well as clinical professionals.

There are several opportunities with have become possible with the emergence of predictive data analytics, but the business professionals have to identify them and make the most of it then only it will be beneficial to them.  

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