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Five Key Advantages of Cloud ERP

By CIOReview | Saturday, November 14, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a service that centrally manages a company's ERP software and related data and information by software vendors, which can be accessed by users and customers using a web browser.

The service provider hosts and supports all the company's IT infrastructure, keeps the system running secure, ensures the data involved, and seamlessly launches product enhancements/ upgrades. This helps IT resources to target significant growth and innovation of the business.

Here are six benefits of cloud ERP for efficient operation across a company:

Security: Cloud ERP software offers robust security to businesses of any size. The system monitors all activity and fully encrypts data stored in the ERP, therefore removing the need to back data up by a third party.

Service Support: Service support for cloud ERP is available round the clock for any clients' issues because it is a subscription-based model.

Flexibility: Cloud ERP system allows users with internet access to obtain data and information from any location, at any time. The system stores and operates remotely, enabling employees in different parts of the country to input data in real-time from a connected device.

Real-Time Analytics: Cloud ERP provides real-time analytics, allowing companies to access crucial information relevant and up-to-date. It also helps make critical business decisions and optimize operations.

Scalability: Cloud ERP software can scale quickly because it adjusts the infrastructure to the needed size for every company's development stage.

Low Operating Costs: Cloud ERP has lower operating costs compared to on-premise ERP systems. Cloud vendors offer ERP solutions that are reasonably priced and customized to work around the company's budget.