Five Marine Technologies to Look Forward to
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Five Marine Technologies to Look Forward to

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Maritime Industry should adopt the latest technological innovations to reduce carbon footprints and improve efficiency.

Fremont, CA: Every industry today is adopting the latest technologies to improve business efficiency and create minimal environmental impacts. Maritime Industry accepts technological advancements with the increase in demand to reduce carbon emission, increase ship's fuel efficiency, and enhance other functions.

Some technological innovations to look forward to in the maritime industry:

Hybrid turbocharger

Hybrid turbochargers draw energy from the marine system, which is already an energy recovery system. It generates power without the consumption of fuel directly. This technology is not being used currently by many ships because it is expensive. With the adoption of this technology in the future, ships will see some great results.

Emergency propulsion system

It can be a scary situation at the sea if the engine shuts down. The ship can even go out of control sometimes. Shipping companies may then have to pay loads of money to take the ship to the nearest port. An emergency propulsion system can be useful in these situations, as it has a propeller shaft attached to the motor, which can take the ship to the nearest port.

COMPAC stern tube bearing system

Oil pollution and high maintenance costs are the two main concerns of shipping companies. Maintaining a ship's stern tube system can be costly. There are chances of oil leakage as well if the ship’s draught is less. COMPAC stern tube bearing system saves this cost by using waster as lube and reducing the need for maintenance.

Lambda control

Ship generators emit a lot of smoke. But the ship has to follow certain norms for air pollution. It is not possible to control the smoke emission. Lambda control can help to reduce such kinds of problems by reducing the smoke emission through proper combustion.

Reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis system produces pure water and is especially useful for large ships and cruise where the water demand is high. It is not yet being used extensively on ships because of high installation costs.