Five Predictions that can change the phase of cyber security in 2018
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Five Predictions that can change the phase of cyber security in 2018

By CIOReview | Friday, November 3, 2017

Cyber security is a topic that is increasingly receiving an awful lot of attention. Especially since the world we live in has companies storing their data in the cloud and depends on networking systems. Generally, when talking about the latest cyber security the latest malware attacks by ‘Wanna cry’ ransomware, phishing emails, and social media hacks or cloud-based services. There are new susceptibilities and obstacles creating challenges for professionals in the cyber security field.

Earl Perkins, the analyst at Gartner and vice president of the research presented five predictions during Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 that are expected to take control in the coming year. A look into these predictions would prepare you for any future attacks and also help plan your strategies accordingly.

1. Requirement for advanced and new skills

It is said that there will be a requirement for new types of skills to deal with attacks. The scarcity for professionals in cyber security field is the main reason for this prediction.  Since enterprises will be generating a lot more data there’s going to be a vulnerability of getting hacked, making the increased requirement necessary. 

2. Cloud security will be given priority

With many more companies depending on cloud storage, it is pretty obvious that cloud environments will be a likely target for security breaches. More problems related to cloud security are expected to crop up in 2018.

It is also said that Cloud-based security brokers are likely to be combined with a network firewall, secure web gateway and web application firewall.

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3. Enterprises will mainly focus on protection and prevention

In future, it is expected that the predictions related to expected threats will be made beforehand itself and this will give enterprises time to be prepared with strategies to fight back.

4. Application and data security will be considered

Even though businesses generate a huge amount of data by making use of several applications, many enterprises don’t go for application security because of its expenses. It’s important to evaluate the value of security and utilize it in the earliest. 

5. Safety, reliability, and privacy of data will be focused on

Every business has confidential data which should only be accessed by authorized people and if this data is leaked it may result in huge losses, which is why privacy is an important aspect for every business. Safety and reliability are just as important as privacy.

To sum all the above predictions, businesses will have to focus on mainly on cloud security, data security, privacy, and application security in the coming year.