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Five Reasons Why CRM is a valuable asset

By CIOReview | Monday, August 27, 2018

Customer Relationship Management refers to the set guidelines, principals, and practices that an organization adopts when it is interacting with its customers and potential customers. According to a study, organizations with a fully utilized CRM system can raise its sales by 29%.

But how can the CRM system be utilized more effectively?

1. Simplicity is the best Policy: Most organizations implement a more complicated CRM system for its employees. They track excessive data. Any CRM framework needs Prospect data, when and what was discussed last, follow update/reminder and activity, who is it assigned to, and what is the dollar estimation of the opportunity.

2. Integration is Vital: Is it integral to what is as of now being utilized? Can data be effectively imported and exported from the CRM? Can you sync your CRM with an e-mail account?  An organization must make sure that their CRM integrates well with the other company systems.

3. Train your team Harder:  Implementing a simpler CRM system lets the employee complete their task faster. Train them to use it through their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Reward your employees which will motivate them to perform better.

4. Treat CRM as a repository: Each organization needs to treat their CRM as the only repository for history like e-mails, calls, meetings, etc. Every employee must adopt CRM and should use it religiously.

5. Reports:  Make sure you have an updated data so that you can answer like questions like What did Sales Rep A do a week ago? What are the best deals openings? Is it accurate to say that we will hit our sales target this quarter?  How well does your organization use their CRM framework?

Change is never readily accepted and can cause resistance from employees. But no one will ever regret a move that will leverage your business by making it more organized and make you more productive. Adopting a new change would take time but will be useful for the organization's prosperous future.