Five Ways in which Wearable Technology benefits Healthcare
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Five Ways in which Wearable Technology benefits Healthcare

By CIOReview | Friday, January 19, 2018

Healthcare has seen tremendous growth in the use of technology. The latest technology, which is swiftly garnering interest, is wearable technology – a concept which was unthought-of until recently, and its benefits are many.

1. It negates the need to be physically present to monitor patients, especially those not susceptible to major illnesses but still requiring to be tracked constantly, reducing the number of patients who need to be actively tracked without jeopardizing them. This benefits older patients needing constant monitoring because of their age group even without being very sick. Wearable technology, by monitoring their health without requiring someone’s physical presence, restores a sense of normalcy to them without compromising on their safety – the tracking devices alert someone immediately during emergencies.

2. By tracking the user’s workout routine and notifying them of the need to take breaks, it increases safety and reduces the risks associated with intensive workout by not letting the user get too carried away to forget the impact of said training on the body.

3. Wearable devices that share information via IoT may make life simpler – sharing information between devices like a smartwatch and phone, or our devices and a doctor, for example, will help monitor our health better without much effort on our part.

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4. While this technology is still in its nascent stage, devices can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements of patients, like blood glucose monitors for diabetic patients or electronic smart hearing aids.

5. We often tend to ignore our own health unless something is evidently wrong with it. By constantly (and almost unnoticeably) monitoring our health through regularly used devices like our mobile, wearable technology makes healthcare more accessible.

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